Choosing the pool that's right for you.

How to Stay Beautiful at the Pool

Summer is almost here – let the pool parties begin! Ghastly green hair, irritated eyes and itchy skin are preventable! Usually, you just need to balance the water.

Neither traditional chlorine pools nor saltwater pools are necessarily more beauty-friendly than the other. Saltwater pools are not comparable to swimming in the ocean. They actually have 1/10 the salt of the ocean, so they’re more like a teardrop than a good salt soak! Make sure your pool is properly balanced with the proper level of chlorine, and follow these 4 steps before you dive in:

Keep your locks luscious
Whether swimming in a saltwater or traditional chlorine pool, the proper water balance will help prevent dry, damaged hair. (Yes, saltwater pools DO contain chlorine!) However, if the pool’s pH level isn’t properly balanced, or you aren’t sure - swim caps can be the best protection for managing your mane. If you’re not into the synchronized swimmer look, saturate your hair with regular water, and put a small amount of conditioner or oil in your hair to keep pool water from penetrating and causing dryness. Your hair will thank you!

Maintain that manicure
Apply an extra coat of nail strengthener over bare nails or a freshly painted manicure to prevent chipping and peeling. It takes only seconds to dry, and will save you much more time - and money - at your next nail salon visit.

Slather on the SPF
Sunscreen has come a long way over the years. It’s easy to find formulas that have skin-soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and vitamin E to keep skin irritation at bay and crows feet far, far away. Opt for the waterproof kind, of course, so you can enjoy the sun – and water – all day long! Don’t forget to re-apply every few hours, just in case!

Look out for your eyes
Most people think that too much chlorine causes eye and skin irritation, however, the opposite is true. The real culprit is LACK of free chlorine! If your pool isn’t properly balanced with the appropriate amount of free chlorine (1-4 parts per million), your eyes are much more likely to suffer from redness and drying. If your eyes become red and dry, use soothing eye drops handy to relieve discomfort fast.

There’s no reason to miss out on pool parties this summer! These tricks of the trade will keep you comfortable and beautiful all day long. If you’d like to learn more about how to properly balance and maintain your pool for healthy, clean water, you can check out a number of how-to videos on YouTube, or chat with any representative from your local pool supply store. No matter what, just keep it beautiful!