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Saltwater Pools: Protect Your Investment.

Many people who live near the coast have experienced the corrosive effects that saltwater can have on their homes and lawns. Some homeowners may not realize that they should prepare for some of the same corrosion issues associated with the ocean when they install a saltwater pool, or convert their existing system to a salt chlorine generator. If you are going to maintain a saltwater pool, be aware of these issues and follow these tips.

Automatic Pool Covers

  • Many of the main parts of automatic covers are made of metal, which can corrodes when exposed to saltwater, so it can be tough to keep them intact.
  • Significant damage is most likely to occur when saltwater splashes on the cover when it’s taken on or off.
  • To keep it functioning properly, regularly rinse your pool cover with fresh water from your hose.

Handrail and Ladder Anchors

  • Steel anchors for handrails and ladders in salt pools can degrade and need to be replaced.
  • If you are building a new saltwater pool, make sure to use brass anchors instead of steel in order to prevent corrosion.
  • If you are converting your chlorine pool to saltwater, you’ll need to spray your anchors and other metal pool surfaces with a corrosion inhibitor to try to slow down the corrosion process as much as possible.

Vinyl Liner Pool Walls

  • Pool walls with vinyl liners can corrode in saltwater if they are made of metal.
  • If you are building a pool with a vinyl liner and a salt system, you should not use metal walls. If you are considering converting to saltwater and have a metal-walled pool, this may not be the best option for you.
  • Use plastic walls instead. These stand up to salt better and should last longer.

Deck Furniture

  • Issues with corrosion don’t stop at the metals within the pool. Saltwater pools can adversely affect your yard and the furniture surrounding your pool.
  • Make sure to buy either plastic or wooden furniture for the area around your pool. This should last much longer than metal furniture, which could suffer corrosion from the salt.
  • Spraying additional metal surfaces around your yard with protective enamel can help protect them from corroding.

As with any major purchase, be sure to know the facts before making a decision. Saltwater pools may be increasing in popularity, but they can end up costing a lot in the long run.