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Safe Water During a Pool Party

Everyone loves to gather around the pool for the 4th of July! Some pool owners may not totally understand the way that the number and activity level of swimmers affects their water quality. These tips will help you make sure your pool is clean and clear, no matter how many friends join you for that 4th of July pool party!

Know how to spot contaminated water.
Your water probably needs treatment if it has a dull appearance or if swimmers complain about irritated eyes. Many people who suffer from burning skin or eyes may think it’s due to high levels of chlorine, but that’s not usually the case. These types of complaints that are normally blamed on too much chlorine are actually the result of not enough free chlorine.

Pay attention to the number of swimmers.
As the number of swimmers in your pool grows, the levels of contaminants in the water increase as well. An active swimmer can produce two pints, or more, of sweat in an hour. Some of the chemical components in sweat are the same as those in urine. When many people attend your pool party, especially if they play games and actively swim, it creates a stress in the water that can require additional chlorine.

Choose the right products.
Lonza has several products to help you prepare your pool before a summer gathering. poolife® Quick Swim Oxidizer goes by the nickname “party shock” because its combination of quick-dissolving shock oxidizer and chlorine boost makes it an ideal product to add to your pool before a party. After a workout or a heavy bather load, clean your pool water with a shock treatment. poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment eliminates swimmer contaminants while killing algae and bacteria.

With these tips in mind, start planning to host your most successful pool party yet!