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Easy Tips for Refreshing Your Backyard

Don’t forget to take care of your back yard!

The start or end of any season is a perfect excuse to revamp your outdoor living space. There are so many great tricks to spruce up your patio and pool area without breaking the bank. Whether you're tailgating with friends, spending time with family, or enjoying some peace and quiet all to yourself, here are a few ideas you'll want to try:

Adding potted plants is a great way to add variety to your backyard. Even the pots themselves can have a decorative flare with fun shapes, patterns and textures. Go for the green with Agave or get colorful with purple African Violets. Lemongrass smells great and doubles as a natural mosquito repellent. Just be careful where you place them. Splash-back from a saltwater pool could potentially kill your plants and ruin the pots you put them in!

Unique accessories like interesting throw pillows for your patio furniture, mini candleholders as table center pieces, vibrant area rugs, vintage-inspired lanterns and boho hammocks add funk and personality with little effort involved.

Spray paint boring metal folding chairs to match the color-scheme of your outdoor area. It's a fun DIY project the whole family can get into! If you have a saltwater pool, beware of rust and corrosion. No one likes squeaky chairs or rust stains on their clothes!